Saturday, November 27, 2004

Photo Friday Challenge Prosperity

Photo Friday challenge Prosperity

I guess this picture may need some explanation.
The reasons this picture represents prosperity to me are:
that I can relax in my house
that I have a house
that I can spend time with my 3 year old and teach her computer skills
that I have computers in my house
that I have a three year old
that I have a wife who took the photo of us
that I have a digital camera
that I have a fantastic patio with a punching bag and trampoline, a pushbike and other toys outside
that inside it was nice and airconditioned
that my prosperity is a gift from God
that my prosperity shows in my paunch!

I hope I don't take these things for granted. This weeks photo has made me think how lucky and prosperous I actually am compared to a lot of other people.